The only TRUE real estate franchise that provides an EXCELLENT & CONSISTENT customer experience 100% of the time.
To glorify God by putting our clients’ interests above our own, providing the highest level of honesty and expertise before, during, and after each transaction.
To be the only TRUE real estate franchise that provides an EXCELLENT & CONSISTENT customer experience 100% of the time. We base every decision on what’s best for:


  • 1st – Our clients
  • 2nd – Our Company as a whole
  • 3rd – Individual team members
  • 1: Think win/win.
  • 2: Treat everyone with the HIGHEST levels of respect.
  • 3: Show excitement and thankfulness for all business.
  • 4: Find a way to always say “My pleasure,” “I would love to,” or “Absolutely”.
  • 5: Have a persistent attitude.
  • 6: Follow up, follow up, and follow up again.
  • 7: Drive the bus and land the plane.
  • 8: Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.
  • 9: Address issues head on.
  • 10: Excellence and Efficiency in everything.



At Chantel Ray Real Estate, we guarantee the most effective marketing over any other company.

In most traditional real estate companies, the agent that is responsible for all the marketing on the home – the virtual tour, website, flyers, etc. At Chantel Ray, we spend thousands of dollars a month marketing our homes. Average Joe Real Estate agent just doesn’t have that kind of money to invest in marketing your home.

At Chantel Ray Real Estate, you’re never stuck in a long-term contract.

One of people’s biggest fears is that they are going to be stuck in a contract for an agent for 6 months to a year and the agent is not going to do anything they say they are going to do. If we don’t do everything we say we will – Fire Us!

Love it or Leave it Guarantee. If you don’t love the house that you purchase within the first 3 months, we will list it for free.

90 Day Guarantee

We guarantee to sell your home in 90 days, or our commission is free!

We have a team of agents and staff. It is hard to find someone who is good at everything, so we have compiled a team of agents who are doing what they are gifted at to give you the best experience.

We can buy your house for cash. While we don’t recommend this option, because we can get you more money selling your home with our marketing plan, if you are in a bind, we can give you a cash offer on your home.

We Guarantee:

Marketing of your property on over 60 different websites. • A Virtual Tour of your home with professional photographs. • Text Riders for your listing. • Competitive pricing so that we can sell your home quickly!

At Chantel Ray Real Estate, your home will never miss a showing call.
We have a team of live agents in the office 8am – 9pm every day so you can get your questions answered and your home will never miss a showing call. And after hours, we have people answering phones late into the night so you’ll never speak to an answering machine.