We have been asked to be on a reality show!


Call 757.644.3158 Right Now!

  • What is this show about? SHOW IS called “ LUXURY listings in Hampton Roads” and it’s about Luxury listings in Hampton Roads
  • What station will it be on?   It varies from Network to network of which station it will be on;  because if you have Cox or Verizon or Dish it’s all different.
  • Do I have to list my home for you to be on the show?  You will have to discuss that with the agent that comes out there will be paperwork and waivers to sign to allow it to be on TV
  • How do I get on the show?  We will filming in the next few weeks.  The agent will come out see if it’s a good fit and if you are a good fit for the show.  We are looking for people with a fun personality. 
  • How many people are you picking to be on the show?  The show will start with 6 episodes and 3 houses will be featured each episode.  Think about how much exposure you will get.
  • Do I get compensation?  If you list the house with us you will get 1% rebate for the listing if it’s 800K will get $8000 back ;  900k will get 9000 back, 1million 10k etc.
  • What about the commission?  We are going to work with you to get you the Lowest commission we can because I know they are going to want your house on the show.  The agent will go over that but they are going to cut you a break because they want your house on the show.